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       Solar Cables
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Solar Cables

SOLAR cables
SOLAR cable means flexible single cables specialty designed for wiring solar plants.
SOLAR cables arc extremely robust and resist high mechanical load and abrasion. High temperature re-sistance and cxccllcnt weather-proofing characteri-stics provide a long service life. Due to material tech-nology. these outstanding properties have been ach-ieved with small cable diameters.

Tight production tolerances - specifically for autom-ated processes - enable easy assembly of cables.This represerts a special advantage for molding, ca-sting or soldering with no shrinking or other changes inelcctrorv-bcam cross-linked material. In case of fire there is no occurrence of corrosive or toxic gases. Sm-oke production incase of fire is very low.

光伏电浅可承载超强的机电负荷,具有良好的耐磨、耐高温、耐候特 性.具有超常的使用寿命,基于绝缘材料技术的发展, —些小线径的 电浅也可以具有同样优越的特性。
精密的自动化控制系统,确保电缆公差,易于组装,使用耐寒的 交联材料作为导线的绝缘来确保压摸、成型、焊接过程中无回缩,采 用低烟无卤阻燃的材料在火灾发生时不会产生有毒有害气体。

General features
.Temperature range for applications-40°C to +90°C
S.hort circuit resistance up to +200°C
.Electron-beam cross-linked materials do not melt or (low.
even at high temperatures
.High resistance against heat. cold, abrasion、UV, ozone- and hydrolyses
.Very high mechanical robustness and resistance against water, oil and chemicals
.Halogen free.flame retardant

.使用温度-40℃ to +90℃

Composition of cable
1.Conductor:Stranded thi plated copper,fine wired.acc to IEC60228,class 5
2.Insulation:Cross-linked masterials
3.Jacket:Cross-linked materials

4 印字(Marki啤):ATLIV R50157512 2PfG 1169 PV1^ 1X (jmn2 -40r-90r AC Uo/UOS/1 KV DC1 8KV RoHS -+IUAHAO-

物料编码 导体横截面 导体结构 导体绞合外径 成品外径(mm) 导体直流电阻 载流量
001-150-01-PVF 1.5 30/Q25 1.58 4.8 ±0.5 13.7 30
001-250-01-PVF 2.5 49/0i25 2.02 5.4 ±0.5 8.21 41
001-400-01-PVF 4 56/0.30 2.60 6.2 ±0.8 5.09 55
001-600-01-PVF 6 84/0.30 3.30 7.3 ±0.8 3.39 70
001-A1001-PVF 10 84/0.40 4.70 9.10±1.0 1.95 98
额定电压:IVU= 测试电压:&511V, 5ain
使用寿命:>25 年(~40°C 到 +90°C>
导体使用温度:+120 °C
穹曲半径:≥4*∮(D<8mm)  ≥6*∮(D≥8mm)
烟密度:IEC 61034. EN 50268-2
卤释放能量:IEC 670754-1 EN50267-2-1
Nominal voltage:IVU= Test voltage: &511V, 5ain
Temperature rating: ~40°C to +90°
Ambiet temperature: >25years(~40°C to +90°C>
Short circuit resistance up to +200°C
Max.conductor temperature: +120 °C
Bending radius: ≥4*∮(D<8mm)  ≥6*∮(D≥8mm)
Fire performance: IEC60332-1
Smoke density. IEC 61034. EN 50268-2
Conrent of halogen acid gas: IEC 670754-1 EN50267-2-1

我们的电浅产品能满足太阳能组件的标准要求.具有超长的使用寿命与耐候性。双层交联绝缘。同时也 能满足欧洲与美田光伏市场对于光伏电迮的商要求。
所有材料特性、阻燃测试.结构与电气方面的技术参数均按目前的产品标准制订。尺寸为参考值. 我们可能随时会有所调整.调整时不另行通知.所以谪以我们的产品规格书为准。

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